There’s something inside of me.

 It’s a thing that pulls me deep down.

 Who dares to loudly whisper inappropriate questions

 just when I thought I’ve found the ultimate solid answer.


There’s something inside.

Something that would always readily drag me violently,

just when I learned to walk like everybody else.


There's really something.

There’s a blank who have mastered to challenge my sanity

 just when I believed I’m sane enough to fill it in.

 Only to find out that I failed to understand…

 It’s a part of a complete sentence, that blank!


There’s nothing now.

 Yes, I’m still here but this nothingness

 Knows when to occupy my whole being

just when my cup becomes unattended, full.


Then there’s me and the thing again,

burning beautifully inside.

And we smiled to each other,

like a reunited long, long, lost friends.

 Now, I feel alive.




Imus, Cavite




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